FEBRUARY 24   6:00 - 7:00 P.M.       @ MAGLIANEROS

Grab a warm drink at the café and join us for this month's conversation about Home Energy Use and Comfort.

Do you ever wonder how much money you are wasting on energy bills, and yet still don't feel comfortable in your home? Which investments in energy saving measures pay off the fastest... and the longest? (appliance selection, building insulation, windows, etc.) Which energy saving device that everyone is buying might make you more uncomfortable? What's the one energy saving device every house should have that costs less than $10, but could save 10 times that? Come and meet Energy Coach, Patty Tashiro, the founder of Fruitfull Energy, and find out.  

Having lived abroad for nearly 20 years, Patty moved with her family to Vermont four years ago and bought a home. After improving the energy efficiency of her own home, she wanted to share her experience in navigating the upgrade process and provide independent advice to people wanting to cut their energy use and increase their comfort.   

Come and hear her personal and professional experience in investing on energy upgrades. Find out which measures are a 'must do' and what you should know before you purchasing certain items. And, learn how to navigate and take advantage of the energy incentive programs. Bring your questions and personal experiences to share.

Check out her website:  http://www.fruitfull.energy/home.html