STRUKTUR is the Swedish word for structure.

Sweden has a deep history and appreciation for design that is simple, functional and beautiful.  At Struktur we share those values in our design approach as well as our approach to living.


Anna Thelemarck

I grew up rooted in the craftsmanship, art and functionality of Swedish design.  One grandfather an engineer and silversmith, the other a farmer and horseman. One grandmother a weaver and a baker, the other played piano and loved theatre and home entertaining.  My father, although an engineer by trade, was always building and tinkering. He taught me that anything can be taken apart and figured out, fixed and rebuilt. Half of the furniture in our home was built by my father.  It was simple in design, beautiful, and practical in approach, cost and efficiency.  The other half of the furniture in our home came from my mother.  It belonged to her parents and rooted us in the history of Sweden.  Among other things, there was the old trunk from the 1700's with the large iron key, the Gustavian chairs at the dining room table, and the old wooden kitchen sofabed.  My mother taught me to connect to nature, bake bread and knit, and how to tend to the home with thoughtfulness and beauty.  Beauty was found in the details; textiles and glass, wood and silver. My family and my experiences in Sweden as a child, have deeply influenced my approach to design and architecture and my appreciation for simplicity, light and connection to the natural world.